What is La Camelina?

La Camelina is the name we gave to our house. We poured our hearts and souls into its design, construction, and landscaping and felt it was befitting to christen it with a name. La Camelina is the place we are raising our children, creating memories, and spending what we believe will be the best years of our lives. It is our home.

Why "La Camelina"?

Camelina is the name my grandmother uses to refer to a beautiful flowering plant better known as a bougainvillea. When we built our home, she gave me several camelinas, that she had grown herself, as a housewarming gift. I scattered them around the property but many fell prey to the deer and freezing winters. A couple did survive and are now well established. Yes, they die down to the ground every winter but they keep coming back in the spring. They're tough survivors... just like Grandma.

What will you find here?

I created this site to keep our family and friends abreast of what's going on in our lives. Here you will find links to our individual web pages and projects that have consumed or are consuming so much of our time.


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